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Option of Filemod

Windows:  95/98, 2000, Me, XP


"Hidden" File Application of "Filemod" Software plus other File Security Options

"Filemod" Software from rpsoft2000 software has several file "security" options among its many features including hidden file handling.  The most important are:

  • "Hidden" Files - "Filemod can modify file attributes in bulk, modifying an entire directory.  One of these uses can be to change file attributes of a whole directory or nested directory to the windows definition of "hidden" files.  We do want to say quickly that a number of users are knowledgeable about windows usage of windows hidden files, and that much by itself may not be enough for all intruders, but it can be a start.  Filemod can change a directory or nested directory of files quickly to either "hidden" file types or convert them to "non-hidden" file attributes.  Filemod operates on the files themselves but not the directories (folders) that the files are in.  For more on this application, click here.

more examples below:


shows file name scramble application


actual screen size larger than shown

  • "File Shredding" - After you have deleted sensitive files from your computer, how do you know that they cannot be recovered?  The answer is that in many cases they can be.  The files often remain on your computer until another program or more data covers them up in their memory location at a later date.  "Filemod" also has the option of filling unused computer space over night - or when you have time - with meaningless files filled with script "0's".  Since these files write over your unused memory, the files that were there are now written over and no longer exist.  For more on this application, click "here".
  • "File Name Scramble" - A person breaking into your computer looking for important files to steal may have a hard time understanding which sensitive files to take if those file names are scrambled.  Filemod does allow file name scrambling for a directory of files based on a "seed" password name of your choice.  The file name scrambler and de-scrambler also work on file extensions - changing critical file extension names such as ".xls" (Excel Spreadsheets), and ".ppt" (Power Point Presentation) extensions to another type temporarily, making it hard for an intruder to find important files even by their type.  The file name scrambler and descrambler also operate on many picture extensions as ".jpg" and ".bmp" to also modify those extensions when hidden - as well as ".pdf" files and more.  For more on this application, click here.

More Information on Filemod Software

Information on all features in general of this filemod software can be found by clicking here.

Relevant Links:

Main Page - rpsoft 2000 filemod software

Main Page - rpsoft 2000 software

Additional Application Pages for Filemod that contain similar information to the data and links provided above follow here.  These application pages also at times include similar information as each other, but presented in a manner consistent with the application question.  These application pages are:  long-file-name, file-secure, file-extention, batch-conversion-file-name, file-converter, file-name-small-letters-capitals and title case change and hidden-file applications.





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