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What are File Extentions (Extensions)

"File extensions" is the proper spelling, although some of us do spell this "file extentions".  But what file extensions are, are the letter additions after the period in a file name.  For a file name for example such as "house.jpg" - the "extension" would be the ending letters of ".jpg".  This extension, ending letters, tells the computer what type of file that it is which often helps the computer determine the correct application that can use that type of file.

The example on the right shows filenames with an ".html" extension (extention).If we wished to change all of these extensions in this directory to "htm" for example - something that some of us need to do at times - filemod can do that quickly and easily.


shows file name extention application


shows file name and extension read out window



"Filemod": File Extention (Extension) Software

It might sound easy and simple at first to want to change a file extension (extention).  Perhaps you wish to change a file ending in ".txt" to ".log" to indicate that the text in there is part of a log conversation.  Or perhaps you wish to change a sensitive excel spreadsheet file from "business. xls" where the ".xls" tells the world it is an excel business type file to something like "mymusic.wav" in order to prevent prying eyes to recognize which file is your important business file.  But no matter, the choice should be yours.  However, some file managers do not allow us to change file extensions easily.  They seem to assume that we are making a mistake when we do that.  But it is your computer is it not?  And it is your file, is it not?  You should have the right to change file names as you wish.  "Filemod" software by rposoft 2000 software allows you to do just that.

Bulk Extension Change also Available

"Filemod" software allows you to change just one file extension if you wish, or if you prefer, it can change extensions in bulk.  To do this second part, of course ensure that you have adequate backup as always as a good precaution.  Then place the files that you wish their extension changed in bulk in the same directory - or at least nested directories.  Also ensure that there are no files in those nested directories whose extensions you do not wish to change.  Filemod can then change those file names in that directory to a file extension that you prefer.

More Information on Filemod Software

More information on file extension change using filemod can be found by clicking here.  Information on all features in general of this filemod software can be found by clicking here.

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Main Page - rpsoft 2000 software

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