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Changing Case to Small Letters
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Windows:  95/98, 2000, Me, XP


"Filemod" - Changing FIle Name Case

Changing file name case of directory file names to either (1) small letters, (2) capital letters, or (3) Title Case is just one application of FIlemod software.  Filemod software by rpsoft 2000 offers many capabilities for changing and modifying file names or file attributes.  You can view the main page for Filemod and its many capabilities by clicking here.

Filemod is a real time saver, since it works in "bulk" - on an entire directory or a group of nested directories, to change the case of directory file names, or to find and replace certain portions of file names, or to change file names directly.  It also has file name scramble functions. file list capabilities and also allows file attribute changes in bulk - such as "read-only", "hidden" and much more.


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  • Changing File Attributes - Sometimes when files are stored on CD Rom disks and then read back later to your computer all of the files may be marked "read-only" and may resist revision and being written over.  This can be very annoying.  Using filemod and placing the CD Rom files in a directory or nested directory to work on can allow all files to be changed to "read-and-write" types using a bulk conversion process.
  • Changing File Names - Several applications, such as digital photo cameras, can create many files.  Often these file names may make no sense to us humans and may have names such as:  "P2090006.jpg".  Such names mean something to the camera, but not necessarily to the person wishing to save the photographs.  Filemod software can change all of the names in the correct directory using bulk conversion that you wish to something that reminds one of the event.  It would then number the photographs within this event that are in the same directory.  For example, it could name the files:  "New Years 2005_001.jpg" where the "001" means the first photo of this series.  In this manner, the user will at least know that this group of photos was taken at New Years 2005 party and not at another event.
  • Changing Case of file names to small letters, or all capital letters, or to title case
  • Find and Replace - Changing characters or words for a whole directory of file names using


Changing only one file name or file extension?  Filemod can do that also by selecting the "only one" option and then selecting the file to have its name changed.


More Information on Filemod Software

More information on bulk conversion file name renaming using filemod can be found by clicking here.  Information on all features in general of this filemod software can be found by clicking here.

Relevant Links:

More application information on filemod for file name changing in bulk

Main Page - rpsoft 2000 filemod software

Main Page - rpsoft 2000 software

Additional Application Pages for Filemod that contain similar information to the data and links provided above follow here.  These application pages also at times include similar information as each other, but presented in a manner consistent with the application question.  These application pages are:  long-file-name, file-secure, file-extention, batch-conversion-file-name, file-converter, file-name-small-letters-capitals and title case change and hidden-file applications.





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