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  ebook The Day the Alamo Won Fiction Novel:  The Day the Alamo Won

In 1836, Santa Anna ordered all men at the Alamo to be killed, whether they surrendered or not. Two unlikely modern heroes decide to change that, without affecting history. This is all fiction. Or is it? How would we know? - Ron Plachno  Click Here for More Information
Common Sense vs. The World cover Common Sense vs. The World

A book for the open minded who just want to seek truth in a world where news seems biased to them. How does one navigate in such a world? How can one seek wisdom? What do some world philosophers say about things? "Intelligence is a Choice" - Ron Plachno  Click Here for More Information
Starting or Improving Your Business Starting or Improving Your Business

Multiple Sections that Include help from starting a small business or perhaps even a larger one, and continue onto how to improve medium sized and even large businesses. The Author has been a Vice President in a Fortune 500 Company and then a Senior Vice President in a California Startup, and has also started at least 5 small companies. This book is mostly about the basics, on what to watch out for, what to protect, what to read and how to set goals that can help your business survive and hopefully also prosper. Includes a starting section on Free Enterprise Economies seldom discussed in this fashion. Click Here for More Information
Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP

Author Ron Plachno was part of the Cellular beginnings and went from an Electronics Engineer in that wildly expanding business to a VP, and later to a Sr. VP.  He shares what he learned and what some very talented people taught him along the way.  This book covers many subjects and hopefully should have something for almost every person.  But it might be particularly targeted for the young or young at heart as they start to make their way in business.  Click Here for More Information

Logic, Science, God, and Human Intelligence 2nd Ed. - Ronald J. Plachno Logic, Science, God, and Human Intelligence

What is the fastest that humans have ever traveled? Do all Scientists agree that they understand gravity? Is the argument of Darwin versus Creationism a good argument on either side? Could some reality be in fact be an illusion as Einstein implied? This book tries to answer some of those questions, and how all truth we perhaps might believe, might actually exist together at the same time.
Click Here for More Information
The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit

Based on simulations of more than 16 billion blackjack hands, this book shows best plays for basic blackjack plus some of the newer blackjack variations.  It also uses math and simulations to examine betting and staking strategies.  But even more it then uses statistics to find out what all of this means.  While many blackjack books say you can win, win, win, have you noticed your neighbor has not quit his day job?  And that Casinos still offer Blackjack?  Click Here for More Information

Becoming a One Person Band

Gives hints and thoughts on how to go from being a keyboard player (piano, organ, keyboard, accordion) to putting together a recording of perhaps 4 to 16 parts.  Of course those not into keyboards but into guitars or other instruments, also might find this helpful.  While this book does cover some recording techniques, equipment and adjustment, it concentrates mostly on music theory, chord theory and like for how to approach putting a multi piece song together.  Click Here for More Information  

Politicians on an Isalnd book  HUMOR NOVEL - Politicians on an Island

A humor novel set a bit in the future about new US Political Parties now called the Bulls and the Bears. These parties deal in extremes. A new immigrant to the US who loves the US, becomes US President and tries to deal with this craziness. But will he succeed? Can he deal with the craziness? The whole point of this book is really humor.  Click Here for More Information  
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  FILEMANAGER 2b - Shown both sides - show one or two files and move, copy, rename, show many types of photos  
The Software Program that I use the most often.   My clear preference for displaying photos.
filemanager 2b   filemanager 2b photo disiplay
Full Screen or Select Area
Chords for keyboard and Stringed Instruments
Our biggest seller in past years
screen capture software   musicord music chords for keyboards and strings
6 Calculators that include business and partial scientific,
metric conversion, odds, mortgage, world time, and
Year of Chinese Animal Calendar
Scratch pad composer for emails, or perhaps a paper or a chapter of a book. Contains RTF language and some conversions. Spell check might be possible if you have Microsoft Office on your computer.
calc ensemble 6 calculators   rtf composer scratchpad word processor

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