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Card Games

The screenshot on the left is of the rpsoft 2000 blackjack game.


Card games can indeed be a lot of fun!  And the fun of course continues as card games continue in usage on computer games.  rpsoft 2000 software's first entry into card games is a blackjack game that is meant to be both fun for that wish fun and serious for those who wish it to be serious.  Even if you are playing the game alone, company at the table in the form of player robots is available - with different names and some differences in their betting and playing styles.  Sound effects and a voice of the dealer counting the cards for you is also there.

While this a blackjack game, there of course are a number of varieties of that game, and this software game does many of the major options.  Some of the major options are listed below.  A simple selection bar on the upper right of the options page included with the game sets the needed changes for you, usually with just one step.

Primary Card Game Selections

  • blackjack ("_normal")

  • 6-5 blackjack payout

  • double diamond blackjack

  • hit & double anytime

  • Spanish 21 6 deck

  • Spanish 21 8 deck

  • super fun 21 single deck

  • surrender anytime.

Selecting any of these main choices by just scrolling down and setting the bar to that choice, will set up the desired minor options below.  Therefore, for example, for Spanish 21 you need not know all of the rules that you are allowed in it, if you do not wish.  The software program remembers them and pre-sets that information.  And of course, for Spanish 21 options - 6 deck or 8 deck - the software game will remove the 10 cards from the deck.

There are other card game options, that include selecting the number of decks, and the betting stake to begin with, and of course the bet for each hand.  For serious gamers, there are also options for how many cards the deck is dealt down to and even an option for changing the makeup of the decks.  Rules regarding allowed operations for double downs, surrenders and more are included.  And for those very serious people - yes, the card dealing in blackjack was made to match the same probabilities as a real deck of cards.

Card Game Hint Charts

For those who wish advice on best blackjack play, hint charts are provided for either simplified play or a more complete basic strategy.  There are 9 hint charts included.  The game will automatically select the correct hint chart for you based on the game that you are playing.  You need only select whether you wish the simplified hint chart ("good" strategy) or the complex hint chart ("better" strategy).

The source of the hint charts?  We are a software company as you well know.  We have done our own software blackjack simulator and have played more than 36 billion hands of blackjack and / or its variations (including Spanish 21).  We were picky and twice re-started our efforts when we were looking for even more quality information.

Fun, Fun Fun!

So whether your interest is fun or simple learning, the rpsoft blackjack card game does both!  One of our reasons for programming it was our desire to have a game of this caliber ourselves.  Have fun!


Links right below lead to more sections of this rpsoft 2000 blackjack game or to download and purchase it.  The home page for this software and its specifications are under the link:  Blackjack Game.



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Card Games


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