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Since we are a very low budget software outlet which is mostly a hobby, there is really just one person to do everything and that is me. However, we have decided to try having rpsoft2000 software on Facebook, a social media site. I will at times to times try and post new events that occur in this eBook and Software business. But we do ask that anyone who wishes to use the Facebook site please be respectful. I am hoping that this Facebook experiment for us will be a plus. And if there are reasonable questions, or if something truly does not work, or if someone wishes a new modification or program, I might listen. Whether or not I have time of course is always a question. Being one peson, it is very hard to accomplish many things at once. But .... let us try this. As for those asking for help with a software program I reserve the right to check our records to see if the person wanting help has paid for the program or not.

However, I would caution on complaints. I hsve really never written a software program looking to sell it, lately any way. In 1984 I did write some games on a Commodore Computer with the idea of selling it commercially. So the programs I now wrtie are used often by myself. I could indeed miss something. But if someone were to say that nothing works, that would be highly questionable. If that were true, then I could not use it. So again, please be nice. And also then, perhaps being on social media might be a plus :)

- owner /software author at rpsoft 2000 software






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