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Please Note that there are three different categories of products here, and the means of purchasing differs between all three: eBooks, Shareware, Free Stuff


Prices:  $3.99 currently, eBooks suggested retail price, and shareware

Please note that prices are subject to change and sorry but we might not get to all of these internet web pages as we should. The price though will be that as set by our eBook distributors and also what the Paypal price is currently set on this website. However, since we had suggested to our eBook suppliers that our eBooks sell for $3.99, we decided to set that same price for our shareware software. We consider that a very low price. However, we are trying to be reasonable in the hope that our fine customers also will be.


Our eBooks are sold by several fine professional eBook services, including Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Nook from Barnes and Noble. As you click on a thread to find more information on a given book, it should lead to a choice of where it can be purchased from, and then you could click on the link provided to go there. Or of course you could simply search Google Play, Amazon Kindle, or Nook for Barnes and Noble by seeking the authors name, myself, Ronald J Plachno.


Our Long term software business partner has now retired, after 14 years or so with that group. And so, at least at this time, we have decided to go Shareware and trust that those who can download and then decide to continue to use our programs after testing will pay the asked the small requested figure per software program. The link to pay should be on our main website page just before the first thumb views of the software programs.


Everyone who owns a computer should be very concerned about safety about viruses, adware and more. Right at this moment, we are the only authorized distributer of our software, and hence have the means to keep it safe. Since we write the programs, and use Microsoft Program Software to turn it into a program, there is no outside interference or chance that it could contain a virus or other problem. Of course that means that this is the website, and only site right now, to download our software. I of course could never guarantee what someone else whom I do not know does. Now this does not mean that your browser or perhaps even your virus checker on your computer will not try to alarm you about our software. But it is because we are a small software company, and not because there are any viruses. So as we say elsewhere, you might have to find the spot on your browser that allows the download, and you might even have to turn off your virus checker for the download and startup. Sorry. Some browsers and virus checkers take many precautions if they just do not know the company.

SOFTWARE USAGE - Mostly Windows 10

For all of the software shown here, except Musicord, we updated it to the latest Microsoft language which in this case is within the last 3 years. Musicord was written earlier, and would be complex to rewrite, but seems to work on Windows 10 as well as many earlier versions. I believe that all programs should work on Microsoft windows versions XP to Windows 10, and perhaps beyond. However, try downloading it and be certain for yourself. It is free to try Shareware.

- owner /software author at rpsoft 2000 software






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