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The rpsoft 2000 blackjack game is more than a game.  It's unique features also allow one to use it for blackjack training.  It contains hint charts - for many of the common blackjack game variations that are being played in casinos.  And of those hint charts, both simple ones are included for beginners or more complete ones for the more experienced players.  Also, the game includes many features that allow many option changes - not only of the basic blackjack game - but also for the number of decks used or even the number of cards in each deck.  Beyond that - one important feature that we might not often think about - the rpsoft 2000 blackjack game has a deal option that closes approximates the real odds of game of cards dealt.  That is not easy to do, and we would be surprised if many blackjack games had such a complex feature.  If one is more advanced and does card counting, how does one practice that?  Hopefully using a game that closely approximates the odds of a real blackjack game.


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One easy way to practice the game in a simple atmosphere and to also modify the games options as you wish is with the blackjack game available here from rpsoft 2000 software.  The game has many features that can help one learn to at least defend themselves a little in a regular blackjack game or one of the variations.  The game includes many options - including how many decks in play, dealer hitting on soft 17 or not, number of cards in a deck to be dealt, basic options of basic blackjack, Spanish 21, 6:5 single deck blackjack, Super Fun 21 and many more options.  The deal mechanism of the game has been gone over carefully to reflect the real odds of a deck of cards being dealt.

Basic Strategy Hint Charts

And as one plays the game, simple hint charts are provided by pressing the "f2" key during a game, or the more complete hint chart for that game by pressing "f3".  Several hint charts are provided - showing the differences in play between single deck blackjack, multiple deck blackjack, Spanish 21 and more.  And as you become familiar with the hint charts and best play, you will likely need the charts less and less.  Then, perhaps you are ready for the real thing.  However, always keep in mind that even if you are great at Basic Strategy and have close to even up odds with the house, that luck can bring large swings either for or against you for short periods of play.  That is perhaps why we call it gambling.  However, why not practice and learn basic strategy to get those odds as good as you can?  Or if you wish to not take any risks at all, simply enjoy the rpsoft 2000 blackjack game.  Even though we ourselves have played in many casinos in the US and internationally, we still enjoy the software game also.

Yes, many options, and a great attempt at simulating the real game - all to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for learning the game.


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Blackjackk book   Book: The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit (click for info)
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Does this book tell you how to win? No. It does tell you how you might get the odds in your favor, and gives some strategy tables for some of the more common blackjack games played in casinos. It also tries to explain using math and simulations why getting the odds in your favor may indeed improve your play, but why no one we know of can guarantee winning all of the time.



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