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Learn to Play Blackjack

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Learn to Play Blackjack

How best to learn to play blackjack?  We would never recommend learning in a casino.  Many do do that and make mistakes, and often lose more money than they need to.  The way we would recommend is practicing just a little at least on a low cost software game that closely resembles the real odds of the game of blackjack.  Such a game is the rpsoft 2000 blackjack program.  If you are unfamiliar with the game of blackjack itself or some of its variations, you also might find the free information we provide here at rpsoft 2000 software by clicking here, before or after reviewing the rpsoft 2000 software game.


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Hints on Basic Strategy

Our game contains multiple tables for best basic strategy for the game you are playing - single deck blackjack, multiple deck blackjack, Spanish 21, more.  The table that we provide is the one associated with the specific game option that you are playing.  If confused on best play, simply press the "f2" key if you are a very new player and the game will show you a simple strategy chart.  If you are more experienced or simply want to see the full strategy, press the "f3" key.  Several tables are stored to provide best play assistance.

The tables are a common type used in the industry.  Look for your cards first dealt down the left hand column and see if you have a pair or ace.  There may be special possibilities for the play such as splitting or doubling down.  And of course, then look at the dealers "up" card and look across horizontally to the right column where you see the dealer's up card.  Match those two points on the chart, and you will have the suggested play.  After you get good at the game, you will need to check the help charts less often.  That will mean that you are learning the game.

Game Features

Game features are many.  One of the most important is that the game is designed to closely simulate the real odds of dealing a deck of cards.  If this sounds easy, it is not.  Many games likely do not go to the trouble of duplicating real odds exactly and use short cuts.  Also the game includes many options.  You can decide on: size of bet, number of decks in play, number of cards to be dealt per deck, regular blackjack, Spanish 21, 6:5 Single Deck Blackjack, Super Fun 21 and more options.  You can even modify some unique options to do things your way.  You can have the dealer hit soft 17's or stand on soft 17's.  You can win on 5 card or 6 card or 7 card "charlie" if you wish (having 5, 6, or 7 cards in a single hand).  Many options,

Yes, many options, and a great attempt at simulating the real game - all to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for learning the game.



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We do have several application pages that may have very similar information to the above pages and links.  We provide these pages for those who wish the information to be viewed from a certain vantage point.  Those pages are:  Blackjack-Simulator and Blackjack Simulation Software, Learn to Play Blackjack, Blackjack Strategy, Blackjack PC Game, Jack Black definition, Blackjack Download, Blackjack Chart, Blackjack Game Rule, Blackjack Training Software, Blackjack Tip, 21-Blackjack, Blackjack Basic Strategy


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Blackjackk book   Book: The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit (click for info)
eBook Available from Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook

Does this book tell you how to win? No. It does tell you how you might get the odds in your favor, and gives some strategy tables for some of the more common blackjack games played in casinos. It also tries to explain using math and simulations why getting the odds in your favor may indeed improve your play, but why no one we know of can guarantee winning all of the time.



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